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        61 college graduates to join our company

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        Came 11 days on July 10th, I the company recruited 61 university graduates have to report back, after a one-week safety, traffic, public security, fire control knowledge, labor discipline, business culture and job skills training. The morning of July 17th, business management personnel organized college enterprises welcome ceremony. Chief engineer Han Zhijin, deputy general manager Wang Zhiyuan, the party secretary and deputy general manager Zhang Baorong, trade union chairman Gao Ruiming attended the welcome ceremony.

        Welcome ceremony, Han Zong published ebullience speech. He represented the board of directors of the company and all employees of the company on college students warmly welcomed the arrival. Korea general brief introduction company development history, the current scale of production and the vision of the future. At the same time represent the company leadership to students raised a requirement and hope: to work to be diligent and pragmatic, not ambitious; treat colleagues to unity and cooperation, they don't shuffle; company to "loyalty work, do not handle; treat the future will continue to strengthen learning, not slack. Finally, Han Zong hope that students can use a positive attitude to deal with students and staff on the role conversion in the new job, obtain more outstanding achievement, in on a new round of development build up establishment. Han Zong's speech to be fair and reasonable, close to life, practical, attracted students strong resonance.

        Business management personnel responsible for the people with his many years of work experience, life, give the students a lesson on the colorful pre-service education. Combined with the port Lushi years development course, introduces in detail the company's various process equipment, specifications and uses, introduces the present conditions of production and management company.

        The ceremony lasted 2 hours, the atmosphere lively, good results. After the ceremony, the students have to work on the new, study and train hard, stand on solid ground, steady work, with full enthusiasm and be enthusiastic and press on mental state into the work, to adapt to the work, to be a qualified steel workers, and on common growth.


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