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        Company 2012 annual technical title evaluation work

        Writer:李志新Number of visits: Date:2012-08-28 11:37

        In order to further arouse the working enthusiasm of professional and technical personnel, mobilize the science technology, science management initiative, the company each year to organize internal professional titles evaluation work. After individual registration, submit technical summary and the paper, examination of the qualification of technology, and dissertations, unit evaluation, Title Evaluation Management Committee and other links, to meet the requirements of the personnel appointment, promotion of professional and technical personnel treatment. This year's professional and technical personnel titles evaluation work has ended recently, 79 people were employed, in which the primary title 60 people, intermediate title 15 people, 4 people without appointment. Employed staff since August 1st to enjoy the 700-1000 yuan / month Title allowance.

        It is reported, the company employed the beginning and intermediate professional and technical personnel has a total of more than 200 people.

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