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        Double group deputy general manager Ma Shuyang to visit the company exchanges

        Number of visits: Date:2012-10-26 12:03

        The afternoon of August 25th, Chinese second heavy machinery group company Party committee, double group ( Deyang) heavy equipment Limited by Share Ltd manager Ma Shuyang a visit to the company AC. In the conference room 324, general manager Zhang Huizhou, deputy general manager Wang Zhiyuan and Ma Shuyang a cordial discussion.

        Zhang first horse Shuyang line extend warm welcome. He said, PMW and double group is the long-term partner, from 1250 to 1500 projects, a happy co-operation. On the dual group products, quality of service satisfaction, hope in future work to strengthen the communication, to achieve a win-win situation.

        Ma Shuyang thanked the PMW company has long been the trust and support of the dual group. The visit, the detailed understanding of 1500 project construction and operation, collect improvements, better for the PMW service. In general Zhang accompanied, horse Shuyang line also visited the company energy center.

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