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        Ganglu adheres to the operation concept of “Excellence and Integrity”, takes customers as center and information predication as guidance and builds up the survival concept of “being first” to develop the credit brand, insists on the management mode of “taking cost management as center” to maintain low cost, strengthens marketing network construction and provides good service before, during and after sales to actively enhance the market, forming an open marketing pattern with Eastern China, Northern China and Southern China markets as hinterland and northwest and northeast markets as the two wings.

        Name  Product Occupation Distribution Area Contact
        Sun Donghai Hot rolling salesman Eastern China (Jiangsu) 13722539115
        Zhang Baoling Hot rolling team leader  Northern China Tianjin 15031588555
        Ma Jingxin Hot rolling salesman Northern China Tangshan 13582563380
        Zhang Xian Hot rolling salesman Northern China Tianjin 15830568287
        Yang Jianwei  Hot rolling salesman Southern China 13731533269
        Fu Shuli Hot rolling salesman Northern China Hebei 13472968388
        Xu Haipeng Hot rolling salesman Central China and Northeast 13582510759
        Meng Qingxiang  Hot rolling team leader Eastern China (Zhejiang) 13633153529
        Pei Guozheng Strip Steel salesman Eastern China 13403157297
        He Hongtao Strip Steel  team leader  Southern China 15127578882
        Dou Jinshan Strip Steel salesman Tianjin 15832597773
        Li Gang  Strip Steel salesman  Tangshan 13513456196







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