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        About us
        About us
        Tangshan Ganglu Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (hereafter “Ganglu”), founded in january 2002, is a modern private iron and steel complex integrating mining, coking, iron-making, steel-making, and steel rolling. With more than 7,500 employees and total assets up to RMB 148 billion, it has an annual production capacity of three million six hundred thousand tons,  the Chairman Du Zhenzeng was selected as Hebei Excellent Private Entrepreneur and Hebei NPC member in 2009.

        Tangshan Ganglu Iron& Steel Co., Ltd., founded in January 2002, has more than 1,000 staff and a total capital of more than 10 billion yuan. It is a private modern iron & steel enterprise that integrates mining, coking, ironmaking and steelmaking, with the comprehensive iron and steel productivity of 6 million tons. Du Zhenzeng, the chairman, is awarded Excellent Private Enterprise of Hebei Province and selected as the deputy to the 11th People’ Congress of Hebei Province.

        Taking technical innovation as guidance, technical reform as measure and structural adjustment as main line, the company constantly perfects its comprehensive mating ability and improves equipment level, gradually improving its comprehensive competitive strength year by year. It has built a domestic advanced hot rolling sheet production line and its products are widely applied to deep stamping parts, galvanization, color coating and cold rolling raw materials.

        Under the business policy of “Credible-based, Quality-oriented”, the company strengthens quality management and perfects detection measures. It has passed the certification of ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System. Its billet and hot rolling products and so on are popular around the country and successfully exported, winning the high praise of customers.

        The company unswervingly insists on scientific development, energetically develops circular economy and strongly carries forward energy conservation and emission reduction. Since 2007, it has perfected mating eco-protecting facilities, implemented greening, beautifying and hardening projects and forged green iron and steel as well as ecological iron and steel with the accumulated investment of more than 0.5 billion yuan, initially forming a harmonious and beautiful modern enterprise full of green trees, flowers and grass. With an investment of 184 million yuan, the company has built a 2*25 Mw comprehensive gas electric power generation project with the annual electricity output of 360 million Kw. With an investment of 50 million yuan, the company has built a blast furnace residual pressure power generation project with the annual electricity output of 46.16 million Kw. It has built an in-depth sewage treatment project with the hourly sewage treating volume of 1,600 cubic meters, realizing cyclic utilization of water resources in the whole system. With an investment of 350 million yuan, it has built a superfine slag powder comprehensive utilization project. With an investment of 280 million yuan, it has built a dry quenching power generation project with the electricity output of 142 million Kw. The company has also built mating blast furnace coal injection facilities and projects for coking gas purification, crude benzene recovery, desulfuration and ammonium sulfate. The company has been awarded “Advanced Unit of Tangshan Clean Production Examination”, “Advanced Enterprise of Tangshan Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction during the “11th Five-year Plan” period, “Hebei Excellent ‘Double-thirty Unit’ of Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Examination” and “Tangshan Advanced Greening Unit”.

        The company seriously carries out the policy of “Safety First, Prevention First, Comprehensive Treatment”, comprehensively implements laws and regulations on safety production, actively advocates the philosophy of “People-oriented, Highly Value the Life Health of People”, takes scientific outlook on development as guidance and closely sticks to the theme of scientific development. Taking implementing demonstration projects of new scientific development mode of Tangshan as the key point and taking building test demonstration of safety development mode as the opportunity, the company actively explores the development philosophy, thought and method of safety production, in an effort to turn the “safety development mode” of the company into an excellent project of scientific development mode.

        The development thought of the company is to take the scientific outlook on development as guidance, unswervingly take a new industrialization path, change the mode of economic development, realize the transformation from scale expansion type to resource saving type, quality efficiency type and eco-friendly type, accelerate the construction of “Strong Ganglu, Characteristic Ganglu, Harmonious Ganglu”, forge “Humanistic Ganglu, Ecological Ganglu” and fulfill the goal of comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development. It strives to turn the company into a domestic first-class iron-steel enterprise featuring superior equipment, leading technology, advanced management, reasonable structure, harmonious development and beautiful environment.








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